Photographers that inspire me.

  • Joe McNally
    I was hooked when I read his first (for me) book The moment it clicks [Amazon]. Firstly, he’s a great story teller with a great sense of humor. And a humble person who loves to share his knowledge about lighting. And…*pause*… I met him at Photokina 2010. I shook his hand. Yes. You can touch me.
  • Saul Leiter
    I love street photography. But I have a problem with in-your-face-street-photography. That’s not Saul. Just look at these pictures! His color pictures are fine art in a street context.
  • Richard Avedon
    I love his energetic style and timing.
  • Gregory Heisler
    His portraits! And his creativity. Say no more.
  • Jay Maisel
    His quote “Wait for the actors to walk onto your stage” is something I try to use as much as possible. Find the scene. Wait. Have patience. Shoot.
  • Gregory Crewdson
    For his cinematic, one-frame-tell-so-much style


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